Friday, February 20, 2009

The Facts of Life - My own's perspectives

Even the toughest character needs TLC from time to time.

Sometimes when we are taught and raised to be strong and independent, the advantage will be a tough character that is able to handle every situation or trouble without whining or expecting help to be given. Things will get done quicker, more efficient at work, independently handles every critical situations in life, and etc.
But life is meant to be shared. Life will be bland and tasteless if it is not shared with people we love. There is nothing sweeter than knowing someone will be there for you during the tough times, or laughter will be shared during a celebration. There is nothing happier than knowing someone will always be there to love and care for you; no matter what.

When you cradle a child and the child’s little fingers wrapped around your thumb; clinging to your thumb just because the child felt safer and protected. We are born to have the natural instinct to have the needs of care and love. It is only the teaching and cultures that have blurred the needs; only when you reach deep into your inner soul that you will find that needs emerge within us.

Even the sweetest person will have their own bitter moments.

I believe no one is perfect. Even monks would have a moment or two of bitterness.

Someone, in this case would be a lady above the age of 50 with marital status still ticked as single, asking numerous unreasonably illogical questions that the only objective to ask in the first place is to challenge someone to a point of irritation. Even directing those questions to a monk will test their patience.

Never judge a character; even if you have known that person for years.

We thought we know. We thought having years of experience will exclude you from disappointments. Most of the time, the person we thought we know the best willbe the ones who will give you the biggest surprise! It is neither good norbad surprises.


Someone who looks tough but always give-in to love. Someone who provides care and love to everyone, but surprises us when the love and care were never shown to their family. Someone who laughs and portray a happy-go-lucky attitude, but suffers from depression deep inside. Someone who appears noble and highly respected, but has hidden secrets that show lack of integrity. The list goes on and on.Shall we conclude that life is certainly more interesting with all these unique characters that colour our lives and make life more challenging?

Relationships that last the first 3 months are just starting the real relationship.
1-3 months – HONEYMOON
3-6 months – CHALLENGE
6-12months – ACCEPTANCE

Who am I to judge how a relationship should work? I took some time to reflect on my own relationship, but since it was so long ago, I gave up thinking.

I believe relationships should be built strongly on trust and respect. Secondly, relationship should also be based on the most fundamental, which is being a best friend with each other. These attributes to a relationship that will last comparing to those that are based on ‘love at first sight’ or purely lust.

Two people gets together because they like each other’s company and are able to discuss about anything at all. Subjects vary from secrets, to personal opinions, troubles to special moments, gossips to challenge. These two people then fall in love and decided to build a family of their own based on trust, respect, friendship and love. Their attraction for each other will last a lifetime.

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