Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Friday without him...

Another Friday has gone by without our usual "Friday-date".

Bubbles and I have made it compulsory for Friday to be our date-night. As we would plan where we would go on each Friday carefully to ensure both of us could spend quality time together and just enjoy dating each other.

... this is the second Friday that I am spending it alone... without Bubbles...

As he has to work temporary in a land far far away, I am here counting down to the next Friday we would be able to do our usual Friday-date thingy again...

It is undeniably miserable to be physically away from him for such a long time but Bubbles make sure we allocate time each day to talk to each other through Skype. Even though he can be pretty tied up with work, yet he still manages to sneak some time to be with me.

Skype is FUN indeed!

Everyday I look forward to spend a little time catching up with him and especially the part where he tells how much he miss me. Although he doesn't express it very well through words, but I know it's real because I am missing him too much as well. He will also ensure I know that although we're physically apart, but I will always be in his heart and he will always be there for me whenever I needed him.

Despite the fact that counting the days make the progress even unbearable, I can't help it but mentally countdown to the day I will be joining him at the land far far away! I am trying to control myself from packing my bags right away *wink*

Actually... I am almost ready to board the plane!

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  1. yup, i know...
    i saw the bags!!! ;p