Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life is a gift and yet it is so fragile

Every morning when you wake up, you are given another day of life.

This gift of life is precious. To say that it's precious is really a colossal understatement. Being alive is more valuable than anything else that one can own and possess. The greater your appreciation for being alive, the more enthusiastic you will be when wake up each morning. We are given this life this moment for a reason. Your life is purposeful.

The above saying is so true. Life is certainly precious to a level where it is fragile even. Can anyone imagine yourself being alive on earth this minute and then gone forever the next minute?

I would say no one would be able to imagine that because it is something we will not be able to know.

I heard the news of a friend's boyfriend who passed away in a car accident just a few days back. The news was shocking not only because of who it happened to. It was mainly because of how it made me feel that life is so fragile and unpredictable.

Even for me who have gone through the horrible experience of losing my daddy? I have learn to accept that life and death comes in a package. Death is just another experience that everyone has to go through to complete life.

Yet, the thought of a person so lively and real could suddenly be lying cold and unmoving is still haunting me. The thought of "being gone too soon" lingers in your mind...

It would be a horrible question to ask myself, however, I have been asking this question over and over again.

What if tomorrow never comes for me?

This question leads to more queries on my purpose in this life.

Am I here on earth to just be another life that will fades into the air when time comes?

Is there more to what I am or can be that I have indirectly and unknowingly denied?

Do I have the courage or given the time to find out?

As we all walk through the challenging path in life, we see people in our life leaving. It is true that nothing is permanent in this world. We hold on to nothing. We possess nothing. In the end, the footprints we marked along the way will fade in time. Only memories will stay on.

Appreciate what you have and value your life. Think of your life’s purpose and do everything you believe will bring you to that direction. Remember, it’s your life and no one else.

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