Monday, March 15, 2010

Hating good byes

Days passed in a whiff,
A silent wish to halt the scene
of warm hugs and soft kisses
Engulfing me with love and tenderness

Yet, the scenery changed
I am all alone
Yearning for the sweet taste
of your wonderful love
So sweet it nourishes my soul

Good byes ain't easy

Missing you is hard to endure
Parting with a love so strong
Eventhough it is just momentary

You've promised to be back
with a blink of an eye
Days & months will move on by;
My heart will yearn for the day
you'll be by my side...

poem by Joselyn Lee
Dedicated to Bubbles


  1. remember darling...
    in a blink of an eye...
    i'll be back by your side...

  2. this blink is too long... it's suffering...