Sunday, May 16, 2010

Chi-town experience!

Bubbles and myself... our first trip to Chicago.
It has been an amazing experience for both of us!

I love the beautiful flowers, greens and weather.
So refreshing and makes me feel life is so remarkable... Why not be happy all the time?

Every single person is unique. I just want to be myself...

My first experience at 103 stories high up on Willis Tower!
Scary yet I was so proud of myself! Even though I don't dare to look down and had to crawl out because want to take evidence of me being there :P nyek!

But it's definitely worth it! Look at the view... nothing can compare...

It has been an amazing experience in Chicago... Given another chance, I would want to be there a little longer to explore more of the city and culture, the people... the delicious food and incredible shopping places!

More importantly, to be able to share this experience with Bubbles... makes it even more special...

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