Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Is May just another month for you?

Aaaahh... the long awaited May is finally here! May is certainly going to be another life changing month for me as I will be traveling to a land far far away for a much needed time for spiritual recuperation.

Being in a world filled with so much animosity, hatred, bitterness, sarcasm, competition, anger, and etc... It is truly exhausting and disturbing to the soul. When we are running in the same circle every single day, the directions will naturally be diverted and passion will diminish and lost in time. A friend told me that the most difficult part of a person's life is finding out their true passion. What is the worst possible scenario than having found out my true passion but allowing them to collect dust while I run around in that circle full of animosity and such?

Anyhow, May will be a good month and it is time to reunite with my love who has been away for almost two months. I can almost feel his arms around me as he hugged and kissed me... The saying "Distance makes the heart grow fonder" has proven its point and my heart is missing that someone so much that it is bursting with eagerness to savor the love again... no more lagging video-cam on Skype, no more waiting by MSN, no more expensive SMS and calls, no more separation, no more lonely Fridays and weekends, no more fake hugs and kisses, no more counting down... the list seems endless!

Let me count down just one last time... and this time it's only TWO days!! tick tock tick tock...

Wait for me... I'll be there in a jiffy!!

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