Saturday, May 8, 2010

my pilgrimage to the land far far away

I feel so warm even though the weather is now at about 10*C and I am so awake even though it's five in the morning with the strong wind blowing strongly outside the window.

Can you guess how many hours in total did I traveled from KL to Chicago?

Traveling hours including transit to Singapore and the nap time before boarding to Hong Kong with all the delay and finally landed to Chicago O'hare Airport.

Guys, it adds up to a total of 39 hours.

Thank god I was able to sleep on the flight. Thank god for the sleeping pill. I think I should buy more for the flight home. Haha!

Also thank god for all the helpful airport attendants and the people I met on the flight. The attendants have made my journey a good one and the people I met... they have helped me kill time! Not forgetting, thank god for Paulo Coelho. His books kept me occupied for most of the time.

However, it is all worth it. Being welcomed at the airport by Bubbles and his dozen of gorgeous red roses and embracing me with his hugs and kisses... it was amazing!
Today is my the first morning in Chicago and the weather is very cold indeed. But who cares?! I'm being kept warm by Bubbles...

my first bouquet of sweetness from Bubbles...

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  1. Enjoy your stay there babe! Have a blast!! =)