Friday, July 9, 2010

I Love to Touch My Cookie Monster!

It's time to trade in my HTC for another sleek LG cool creation! Introducing the new LG Cookie series with 3 new exciting models with unique feature and fun colourful themes. See more here.

Whoa! I'm so eager to touch all three of these sleek creation and get myself one! The best news is it is available in 5 gorgeous colours and can easily match your everyday outfit... oohh... stylo-mylo indeed!

However, right now I am more eager to get into the Monster party hosted by Kenny Sia - the king of all monsters; and savor all the cookies available!

Oh oh... no more time to waste as I need to get my costume up and ready for this party!

What costume you asked? *wink*wink*

Watch out for the Cookie Monster! 
woo hoooo~

*slurrrppppp* burppp~~

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