Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Never say Never.. be Inspired!

Today I am inspired that it's never too old to do anything!

At 58 years of age, my mom is sitting for an exam this Friday!

Looking at her studying an enormous textbook and flipping through pages and pages of test papers, it's almost unbelievable that after 40 years of not touching any serious textbook, she is now holding one and trying as hard as any teenager of SPM-age who would burn the midnight oil hoping to ace the exam!

I would say my mom will always be my role-model and this... proves yet again that she will never surrender to age. Mom, I respect that alot and so...

MistyBlush is awarding you the title
"The Most Studious Mom of the year 2010"

Even Muffin is inspired! Awesome!


  1. wish aunty gd luck and pass for the exam! ^^

  2. wou!! way to go Aunty!! she is one good example to follow. Best of luck and 'You can DO IT!!' on my behalf pls. ♥

  3. your doggie so cute...accompany your mum!!

  4. Wat exam Jenny Ma will be sitting? Do pass my regards to her, wish she could perform well in the exam! God Bless! :-)

  5. Wow, I am very impressed. My mother always talks about going back to school but then never does it because she is "too old." Kudos to your mom and I hope that she aces the test!

  6. hahaha! thanks guys... in the end, she didn't managed to pass the exam but at least she tried and was courageous enough to do it!