Monday, July 26, 2010

Taiwan taiwan taiwan - 1st day

This will be my fourth trip to Taiwan but the feeling and experience is as fresh and as exciting as the first!
This time I'm here to attend a training and I just have to bring mom with me because I know she will definitely enjoy Taiwan...

Landed at about 4pm in Taipei and started shopping at about 6pm. First stop is to the famous Shilin Night Market where there are loads of food and unlimited excess to the latest fashion!

Aren't these beautiful?
I was refraining from stocking up on SHOES!! The price are sooooo cheap and I sooooo love all the designs and colours and styles!!

So, before we proceed any further and drain all our energy spending our $$$... we need fuel to support our shopping agenda...

Look at these people... they are waiting and waiting and waiting...
For what??

But let me tell you... the wait is worth it!!

There are soooo much food to choose from...
There are so many people from tourist to the locals who came in bunches of friends & families...
Looking for something to eat isn't as easy as it seems, because there are much to choose from! Variety is good but discipline is more important here to ensure not overeating and regretting later! hahaha!

Must must must taste the smelly tofu! I have tasted better but this is not so bad as well...

ooohhhh... the best of the night!

Grilled pork in hot pan... yummy yummy! The meat is so juicy and dip in black pepper sauce, both of us couldn't get our hands off this porky! Will surely dig our teeth into these again before we leave! *Slurppppp*

Aaahhhh... delicious drinks to quench our thirst...
I love the bubble teas in Taiwan. We have bubble teas in Malaysia... but they will not be able to compete with the original ones in Taiwan. To be here in Taiwan and not drink this? SAD!!

Here we go... first day and already soooo much to enjoy... looking forward to moreeeeeee in the next few days!


  1. whoaaa!!!!!
    don't forget about bubbles!!!

  2. Please tell your mom that I miss her. Your post makes me remember the days we were in Indonesia.

  3. if u happen visit the pasar malam at Gaoxiong, the shoes/clothes etc are more cheaper than in Taipei. Do reserve more $$$, hehehe...another thing u must buy is MASK! very cheap! buy as much as u can, hahaha...

  4. goodness... ur shopping frenzy begins here.....;p

  5. hmmm... we need another shoe rack for the shoes?
    so how many more dresses are coming home together with you? ;P

  6. Haha..ur bf is so more lah..later he 's not kissing u..but pinching u

  7. a rough estimation of a new shoe cabinet and a whole new walk in closet. how's that?;p

  8. ooohhhhhhhh....
    BBC~~ I LIKEEEEeeEeeEEEeeE~~
    Jen~~ He wun b able to NOT kiss me!! hahahaha!

  9. Shamini BalaventheranJuly 27, 2010 at 11:41 PM

    always not enough of shoes and hand bags. Mee tooooooo..

  10. i also wanna go Taipei!! : ))

  11. Bring along me next time... TT_TT

  12. I know what you mean... I'm in Taipei too. Can't avoid the shopping. Which part of Taipei are you at?

  13. whoaaa... total 11 pairs of shoes!!!!

  14. Take pic for another 5 pairs n show us..pls

  15. hehehe... soon soon! now is time to unpack first :P

  16. the taiwanese fried chicken is so damn big. never been to taiwan but would love to go one day!thanks for sharing.btw those shoes are really gorgeous

  17. thanks aiwei! Go to taiwan and u will buy even more gorgeous shoes than i have!!