Monday, April 19, 2010

Escaping from a complicated life

Could anyone share with me...

How can life be simple?

Understanding how the human mind thinks and analyze situation deep down to the how, what, when, who, why, where... and here is the start of all complications. As simple as I want it to be, I started the New Year with 3 simple resolutions.

1. Be Happy & Stay Happy
2. Spread Happiness
3. Love & be loved

However, right until now... almost half a year has zoomed by and I have yet to achieve all three. Based on my personal measurement, it's not even close to 50 percent of achievement. You see, it's the mind that is making it difficult. It is again the mind that complicates matter and makes life difficult. It is nothing but the mind that has been controlling our lives.

So, my question again... do share if you have any insights and enlighten me...

How can we simplify life and escape from a disastrous & complicated world?

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  1. ....the mind that has been controlling our lives. Understanding the meaning of "let go"-
    attend Dharma Talks by genuine, recognised & qualified teachers & Vipasanna meditation class.
    All the best.