Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just do it!

What's gonna happen if you say what's on your mind?

Maybe the question to ask should be;

What's gonna happen if I don't say what's on my mind?

The answer is simple; NOTHING.

Most people would rather make a big fuss about unpleasant situations than deal with it. The actions would consist of following what's being told in a certain level of unwillingness but rather zip it than to spurt it out. Hmmm...

I went for a meeting in Singapore few days back and I remembered very well what the boss told our team...

"Ask for what you want because if you don't ask, you won't get it."

Even after this opening line from the boss, I would say it was less than 50 percent of the group that voiced out their needs and ideas. Most would just agree with those who voiced out or just sat there trying to built their courage to ask. Maybe, some would rather go with the flow and think it's not worth asking anyway because in
the end they will still not get what they want. Of course there were also a few who would nudge each other hoping that one of them would have the courage to do it!

In different situations there are ways and methods to ask for what we want. Our mind needs to filter and process all information and prioritize what's most important. Then put these information in a nice format to be presented... or simply ask nicely in the right situation and to the right individual.

Of course, the world ain't perfect. Not everything we ask for we will get. However, if you don't ask... the percentage of getting what you want will be zero.

So, what's the risk of asking for what we want?

Maybe 50 percen
t of not getting it.

However, the risk of not asking for what we want is 100 percent of not getting it.
So since there's minimal risk when we ask for what we want comparing to when we don't ask for it, then why not pick up the courage and JUST DO IT!

I'm not afraid of asking for what I want... I want a lifetime of love & joy with him...

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