Thursday, May 7, 2009

5 years of waiting...ends tomorrow!

Finally! I have been waiting for 5 years for tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the big day..

Not my marriage la! We are finally moving in to the new home! I seriously can't wait to finish unpacking and finish with all the house chores, then get down to real business! Which is to enjoy the new environment....

These few days have been truly messy. Everything is messy. The old place, the new place, my mom, myself.... my hair....even my face... haha! Plus today my master from Tibet paid us a surprise visit, he came with another master to give blessing to our new home!

The one on the left is my master Tulku Ashak Thutob Rinpoche

He doesn't visit Malaysia often as most of the time he will be in India. The last time he was here was 6 months ago and that was the first time I met him.

I better get some rest for the big day tomorrow! Lotsa things to get done.....


  1. messy hair & face? ;p
    you'll still look as sweet... ;p
    hope the big day will be the spring-board to something better... after all the hard work

  2. how sweet of helsing, anyway .. SO BLESSED LER.. he came and gave your house a blessing, I must come and get 4D from your house liao .. HUAT AR !!

  3. i saw the monk in yellow several times before

  4. the monk in yellow is my guru ^_^