Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Goodbye to caffeine...for now!

Alas! I have my internet connection at home! Am so glad to say good bye to caffeine at Starbucks!

"Starbucks = overpriced COFFEE blended with ice....or not"

I don't think I have ever been so glad to be able to connect to the internet at home *grin*... It is absolutely so so so super-duper convenient.....

1. for work........ i do work at home! :-P
2. to check emails.....for work.....and personal emails too!
3. to check for online recipes....yea...i do cook too!
4. to login to FACEBOOK..... phew!
5. to chat on the comfort of my new room! la time to count down the benefits as i have so many stuffs to do as now....haha!

Oh yea! To check the AMERICAN IDOL results tomorrow morning!! The finale show was just amazing! As usual, Adam Lambert....*ahem* favourite of this season... he is absolutely charming and talented. He can sing lullaby and win American Idol hands down!

Adam singing "Mad World" during finale

But then......his contender is not any other Ah Beng either! Kris Allen is the boyband-boy-next-door look that is able to charm all naive females in America....ermm...the rest of the world too I suppose.... who would empty their pockets to get him the title..... Sigh....I wouldn't be surprise if he wins because this competition...sadly.... is based on votes.

Kris strutting his stuffs during finale

If I have a magic wand and this wand is able to grant me any wish at this moment.... I would wish that the votes for Kris Allen will unknowingly and mysteriously sneak to Adam Lambert! For he no doubt deserves the title of the best this season!

NOW.....Let me.....

MISTYBLUSH presents to you.........




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