Sunday, May 31, 2009

Truly a night filled with laughter....

My heartfelt appreciation and contentment for such a wonderful night with people who brought laughter into my life. Once again, I am extremely grateful to have such great friendships in my life......

the lovely gals....

my gorgeous magician + hapi buddy & cute PC Wong

it may sound mushy but they are my BFF!

my lovely cake & brownies + grandma's delicious ba chang

Gifts of joy.... it is the thought that counts most...

Ah G who made the effort to make those mouth-watering mashed potatoes & salad plus bringing lots of excitement in the kitchen!

Ah Gab for the comfy cushion that matches my home perfectly.. and where I am now sitted on to blog!

Ming Yen who brought lovely flowers that is now displaying beautifully on the dining table!

Norman who brought fresh beautiful bouquet of flowers with amazingly sweet scent!

Chester who chose to stay late because I asked him not to go so early!

Jim who again was the man behind all the smoke to cook up delicious wings for everyone..

Aaron, Brian + Su Peng, Y-yi + James, Calyn, Nicholas, Kenny, Joanne, Edmond, Jimmy, Vincent + Candy... Thanks for being there and sharing the evening with my family!

And of course not forgetting brother John for ensuring everyone provide positive feedbacks for the wings!

But most of all, I thank my mom for giving me everything!


  1. very nicely laid out the photos of the gifts and us of course!... you really have a flare in doing it beautiful.... ;)

  2. my flare is reserved for stuffs that I love! Haha! thanks so much for the soft soft hugable and absolutely warm wool blanket... me hugging every night! hugs*