Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Dark Horse & Snakes on earth....

As I sit here listening to Adam Lambert's awesome vocals, my mind still ponders why he lost to Kris Allen aka Dark Horse of the competition


Dark Horse --> People didn't expect him to win from the begining of the competition but he shot up from no where....somewhere la....

Adam proved himself worthy of the American Idol title every single week with praises and approvals from the judges, yet in the end.... Brad-Pitt-Look-alike-Kris-Allen won! Yea..I still can't get over it.. yea yea.... reality is he won and life goes on. Oh well....

I'm definitely not saying Kris is not talented. He is talented plus he's humble and got the looks as well, but a competition is a competition and we always support the best right? Just look at him..........

yummy eh??

Alright now...enough of "kap jai"...... I am now listening to Adam's If I can't have you and still wondering why he lost to Kris Allen. I'm afraid this thought is gonna be with me for sometime!

Translation: Kap Jai --> Oogling guy

This just shows that sex always sells...I mean, in the end, the winner will always be someone whom people find attractive..... sexy....... a knockout (the sexy way!) ....... gorgeous...... beautiful....... charming.......... stunning.... ermm....u know what I mean right? Not only in competition, even in real life.

"Happening in our everyday life! "

People who seems more attractive tend to get better opportunities, unless you've something that no one in this world has and you are just so undisposable........ just too important to lose and losing you means moving heaven and earth! ermm... opening up the earth to reveal hell is more likely! Sigh....dream on my friends......

"Life goes on........ so better have more amazing dreams!"

As for me.... I've just recently found out that I have been used by a certain someone (used in an indirect way that may cause my reputation at risk or at least made me seems like the bad guy!) to achieve an objective that benefit only that person alone. Again...

Again and again......

Sometimes I find the real world truly scary because it is filled with people that appear all goody goody and yet there are hidden plans yet to be revealed. Most of the time revealed only when you are not aware, or if they are really good...maybe it wouldn't even be revealed for the rest of your life!

"Living a blur blur life!"

Is there a way to ensure that I am safe from these people? Or

Do I need to jail myself to ensure that I will not be used by such snakes again?


Snakes here refer to sneaky smelly creature or dangerous-minded human beings)

P/S: Please ignore the ciggy in the picture....it wasn't meant to be there!! (18sx)

Blehh.....!! me and my niece giving those snakes a look they so deserves!

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