Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family time is even more precious than DIAMOND

The LEE FAMILY -taken during CNY2008

Today had a happy family gathering; brought back wonderful memories of previous family gatherings where my grandparents and my daddy were around. It made me realized that family gatherings are not to be taken for granted. How I wish to turn back times where I can still hear my dad's laughter, or reluctantly sniffed his cigar smoke, or those times where he fusses and showed his temper... I've truly missed those times.

My aunt who just came back from UK was quite emotional to find him not around anymore. As we shared memories of him, tears were released as well because the pain of losing him is still very strong in our heart.

Thinking of my dad also brought back memories of our yearly CNY family gathering where my grandpa were still around. The way my grandpa's face would brighten up with a smile whenever I called him "lengjai", the way he would smile when we talk to him, the way he looked at us when he laughed during dinner... My dad would be very strict with us and demanded we take good care of grandpa during dinner. Ensuring he has enough to eat, ensuring all his favourite food would be served to my grandpa... making sure my grandpa is comfortable after dinner...

Our last CNY together with grandpa in 2006

Looking around the dinner table during our family gathering today made me missed my dad even more. I know he would be absolutely grateful to see everyone getting along so well and laughing happily together. Family is truly important to this man who always portray as a man of steel.

2008 CNY lunch gathering at my dad's favourite restaurant

I’m so glad for making time for this family dinner despite having to work even on weekends. Gone would be those days where work is more important than family. In my heart, nothing is ever more important than loved ones and I would give anything to go back to those times where everyone is still around.

As the mooncake festival approaches, it will not fail to remind me of my dad... of the last mooncake festival spent with him where he insisted I searched high and low to buy a piece of mooncake - no matter if it's someone's leftovers - back home because he said a mooncake celebration without mooncakes are bulls***

That's my dad.

A truly traditional man who respects and believes in our chinese culture; always honouring and upholding the family's name... A true hero and rolemodel to me and my siblings.

My mom and dad - the love of my life

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