Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mummy's 57th Birthday

Celebrated my mummy's birthday at Neway Karaoke on the 21st August 2009
The 3 of us with the Mango Delight Birthday Cake!

The birthday celebration made an even merrier event by 2 wonderful person! Thanks for making the effort to make my mummy so happy!
Eric: Your thoughts and effort to make the event happened.. eventhough having just a few mere hours of sleep the night before.. muaks!
Joanne: The sweetness from you made my mom loves you more than me already! Haha!! muakss... Thanks for joining us!

Of course for myself, I just want to give my mummy a happy night and to ensure her that she will remain the most important person in my life. No matter what, no matter how... without her, I would not be who I am today....
Mummy - 21st August 2009
I wish she will remain beautiful always and most importantly stay happy and everything will be wonderful! Love her lots lots!

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