Sunday, August 16, 2009

A new family member - MUFFIN

my dear friends......
let me introduce a new family member....
Born on the 29th June 2009 in Ipoh, Perak
a mini schnauzer
Named as Muffin because he's so adorable that no other name seems suitable! I actually wanted to named him DONUT, but my mom disagree. Haha! Although sometimes I do call him PEANUT, especially when he's super-blur and naughty...

My house is full of MUFFIN's presence! At least now I get a truly wet & warm welcome when I step into my house after a day of hard-work ^_^


  1. he is a peanut muffin flavor ! so cute.. but i guess someone else to you is cuter !

  2. ooohhh 'august' and 'sunday' gonna have new friend.... heheheh

  3. can never resist a Schnauzer, awww~*