Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gloomy Thursday

Today must be one of those gloomy days again for me. Last night, I vomited my lunch and did not have anything to eat after. Even thinking of food makes me feel like vomiting my gut out. Luckily for me, my sweet darling took care of me by being by my side and applying ointment on my tummy, despite being super-duper busy chasing deadlines.

It’s no joke getting sick these days. Just minor flu might cause major heart-attack to some. There is no more “It’s just a bit of coughing” or “No problem, just a slight fever”. If you’ve been following the news for the past months, the H1N1 virus is getting mightier! The death toll is building higher, as if trying to break some world records. People are getting more and more cautious as well. I’ve never seen so many masked-faces since the chicken-flu some years back. Hmmm… what is it called again?

Anyway, I think I might be having a slight fever but I chose not to put too much emphasis on it as I think somehow it is all in the mind. If I were to think I am sick, then my body might accept the fact that I am and stop protecting me from those nasty viruses. Now just give me some food then maybe some sleep and tomorrow I will be as strong as Superman!


  1. applying ointment on your tummy was such an easy-peasy thing that it's almost effortless...
    it's the pain that bubbles felt seeing you bed-ridden that made bubbles need to take care of you even though with the super-duper deadlines looming around...
    if not bubbles, who else? :P

  2. got got i know.. uncle ! haha .. but i only know how to scold her ! advise her.. this rubbing oinment on miss J is ur job bubbles ! hyuk hyuk !