Sunday, August 30, 2009

lovely lunch with meow

Had lunch with my dear Charise yesterday afternoon in Pavilion. She is getting more and more like a mummy and less than two months will be the day where we will meet baby Aiden in person! I’m so so excited!

Josy: What do you want to eat?

Charise: Ermm.. not too much carbs as it’s not nutritious for my baby… something soupy ya…

Josy: okayyyy…… here? There?

**After looking around and the choices nailed down to Madam Kwan’s cafĂ©

Josy: **talking talking about some stuffs when suddenly….

Charise: Aiyo aiyoo… so cuteeeee…. That baby! Ahem… sorry sorry… you were saying?

Josy: oh? Oh? Where??

**Excuse me; I was totally stunt by her reaction towards a baby! She used to have those kinda reactions towards Gucci or Prada… not baby

Charise: I've been doing exercise.....*continuing her story on her preparation for delivery*......

Josy: ohh...Mike (meow's hubby) must be very excited!

Charise: He is! He wants to be involved in all shopping trips! hehehe...

Josy: Haha! First time papa la! Me first time godma also very excited! *smirk* Tell Mike that I am never going to give up...

**Mike wants RM300 every month from me if I wanna be godma to his son.

Well, it's not the value of the title that I am looking for... I insisted to be godma because I love Charise and I want to shower my love to her baby; to give my support to her as well. Title to me is not so important as to others, but I just can't stop teasing him! Haha! It's so fun so see him so worked up because of the title...

my dear pregnant meow!

looking as stunning and gorgeous in a dress brought all the way back from Bangkok by me... hehehe


  1. and you didn't expect me to read this ? actually i said 3000 but i guess it has been watered down . you are such a tease....guess someone is a lucky guy ;-) kinky!!!

  2. 3,000? try robbing a bank would be better... ;P

  3. What??? My bro actually asked for RM3000?? Hmm... FUND MANAGERS!!!

  4. HAha!!

    mike: I was hoping you will read!! :P