Friday, April 3, 2009

How Now Brown Cow?

Life is all about making decisions. I suppose there are no wrong or right decisions, just the decisions that I need to make to get on with life. The life that I envision myself to lead, the life that is happy, and the life that I will be surrounded by people I love.

Although it’s kinda scary as we are so unsure of what the future look like. But hey! I thought all those books about the law of attraction taught us that the future lies in our own hands and we need to always be focused on the positive energies instead of the negatives. We are the architect of our own future! Aren't we? So whatever the consequences are, there are no wrong or right moves. Just the move that we need to take at that particular moment, the choice we need to make to create our next move with the end result in mind.

Wow, I can’t believe I just typed the above. Saying, or in this case, typing is darn easy. But actions are always delayed just slightly as we were taught to beware of our actions. Think thoroughly before we act or we will be punished! Haha! See how life can be so complicated? Sometimes we think one thing and act another, but somehow the end result is not as bad as I am still enjoying my life. Am I?

Sigh. Why the hell am I debating with myself here? I’m just being paranoid and anxious. Most probably what I truly need now is a cuppa warm milk and a good night sleep as I haven’t been sleeping so well for the past few days.



  1. Joselyn, do you know you write really inspiring things about life. What you say is indeed so true and I really do hope that your decisions will lead you to a blissful and wonderful life. Knowing all this simply shows that you are truly remarkable and with equipped with this knowledge and great sense of being, I am sure you will definitely and ultimately find the forever after happiness of life that you been seeking. I wish you all the best!!! ~PiGGy

  2. wow .. niece.. inspiring thoughts of life, remember I told you I have to pass you a book I have read on universal thinking or rather positive energy? haha .. dont be discourage in life, you are the captain of your life ! always remember to fall back on your friends when you seem to have come to a dead end!

  3. I am thinking about what you are thinking..Josy, I guess we have to be strong even it is so difficult at times..