Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The best loves of my life!

I know I have mentioned this many times that I am truly blessed with wonderful people in my life. No matter if I am feeling sad, disappointed, frustrated, lost, happy, on-top of the world, they are always there to support, encourage and share those moments with me. Catching up over dinner and drinks was great last night! I am happy to know that everyone is getting on great in life.

Ming Yen for starting a new chapter in her life which is a career and a man who is just perfect for her to share her life. I am so happy to know that he took care of you so well and made you feel so wonderful, plus he's a great cook! Hope more great things will happen for both of you in the future to come! Looking forward to the new place as well...

Gabrielle for always being the happy and loving girl. I also hope that you will advance in your career and hope you realize that you have more potential in you than you think you have. Have faith in yourself as we have in you. Now we shall wait for your long table!

Bibi for everything she has worked so hard for, her family. I admit I am wishing to have a family just like yours. Although there are a lot of ups and downs in life, but always believe in the family that you and Shaun has worked so hard for.

Geraldine for always saying I am the most wonderful & perfect woman for a man! Haha! I love it! Thanks for believing in me, I am not perfect but I try to be great to those I care and love. I know I deserve to be appreciated and have been failing in relationships, but I am not going to give up. I am also happy that you have found a man that is so perfect for you and is willing to make you the happiest woman. I am sure other aspects in your life will be changing to the best! I believe you can do it!

Charise, a woman who has been a great friend and a sister to me. I am so happy that everything is working out great for you. I just hope that you will take care of yourself better and stay happy forever. Thank you for being there for me always!

Also to Joanne who kept being so sweet and lovely, Michelle and Vivien who has been very concern for me over the past few weeks! You ladies are the best! I'm terribly sorry for acting like an alien to you. We will catch up soon!

I admit that I have not been myself for the past few weeks and felt so lost in life, almost giving up on myself and believing that I am unable to stand up again. I am glad I am over that phase now. I could let my self-doubt win or I could go on and change my perceptions about myself and move forward and not fall backwards. It is actually the fear in failing that has made me doubt myself. However, in life we need to fail to win as we tend to bounce back stronger and wiser.

Love you all!


  1. :( y me not in there geh? kekekek
    kidding babe....
    u are always blessed with lovely people besides u... coz simply because u r one of them will always have us yeah!!

  2. thanks my darling! :)
    It was because I had dinner to catch up with them that inspired the blog, however, you are definitely in my heart! Can't wait for our holiday!

  3. Thank you for you girls being so passion and looking forward me to step in to next level. very soon i will get my long table! hahahahahahahahahahah..................

  4. thank you my dear! very soon i will get my long table! hahahahaha......!!

  5. We will wait for your long table! Definitely! keke...

  6. thanks for all the sweet remarks dear.... but like i said before, things always look beautiful from the exterior, you'll never know until you open up the can and discover worms in it. ;)

  7. Eat those worms!! :-P Better still...get help to eat those worms with you....nvr eat worms alone!