Monday, April 27, 2009

A poem that touched my heart....

A Daily Passage

by MindyK

In the early morning hours

When my day comes to a start

My first thought is always you

And how you touch my heart

I spend the next few hours

Feeling thankful and so blessed

While missing you pours over the joy

I know this is just a test

It's the challenge of my wills

To strengthen me with power

Reminiscing of the love we share

And guide me through each hour.

As lunchtime rolls around

I am still immersed in you

I am wrapped up in the memories we made

And of all the things we do.

The afternoon is still dragging on

And the day seems not to end

I know at night when I climb into bed

Those thoughts will begin again

I will lay my head down on my pillow

And as I try to close my eyes

Those thoughts of you won’t let me slumber

And then I start to cry

Just a circle of my daily passage

With my mind on only you

But I feel so grateful and so blessed

That another day is through

Each day that passes is a day closer to you…

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