Friday, April 24, 2009

That's how it is with Life....

A story worth sharing.....

I once asked my grandmother, "Why shouldn't we go after pleasant things, Granny? It's only human. And what's wrong with wanting to stay away from unpleasant things?"

She didn't argue with me. She just told me to eat an amla fruit.

This is the sour Amla Fruit

It was easier said than done. The fruit was so sour that I wanted to spit it out, but she stopped me. "Don't give up. Keep chewing."

Out of love for her, I did, and the sourness left. The fruit began to taste sweeter and sweeter.

"Granny, this is delicious," I said.

"But you didn't like it at the outset. You wanted to spit it out." That is how it is with life.

If only my grandma uses this way to trigger my understanding of life. Although I am certainly not someone who will give up easily, but there are some points in life where the sruggles are so unbearable that everyday I wake up to ask myself "Exactly why am I still doing this?" or most days I wake up to emptiness and lost of directions.

But I have to say that life isn't so bad afterall if we are patient enough to endure the pain and struggle through the harsh times. The results and the outcome of every situation, no matter if it is good or bad will be the fruits of our persistence and tolerance. I have also learnt that there are no failures but just the results from our actions. If the result is not as expected, then give yourself a challenge and change methods or strategies to get a different results.

There are some people I know off would try to over-analyze situations and thus causing fear to arise. Fear, is the mother of all f***-ups! Fear are for losers! People who can not face their own fear are people who will be left out in this world, when everyone move on to a happy life. Fear is evil! Fear is the devil! Fear is your own ghost!

So, my friends....Chew your fear, swallow it and shit it out! Life is certainly too short to be stagnant with fear. The future promises so much excitement and happiness, why would anyone let fear stop you from going there? That is again, how it is with life........

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