Monday, April 20, 2009

Warning! He is just.....NOT that into you!

My friends say….

1. Babe! You deserve much better!
2. Jo, please go find a better looker…
3. Good! There are a lot more great guys out there waiting for a great woman like you!
4. I don’t think he deserves you. Draw the line and make sure he knows there are no more chances.
5. You are the nicest and most perfect woman I have known. Don’t go for a guy that doesn’t appreciate you or doesn’t know what he wants.
6. Jo, you must have a list of what criteria you want in a man. Then tick the list as you go on dates!
*Wow, sounds like tough evaluations here!**
7. Make sure you look for a guy that will give you diamonds, don’t just be satisfied with gold!

Ermmm… yea! My reaction was like “I don’t care if a guy can give me gold or diamond. That is not what I am looking for!” But what he actually meant was someone who will appreciate and treats me like a princess. Someone who will want to give me the best and thus deserves to be loved by me ^_^

My friends love me so much that they felt the need to protect me whenever someone hurts me; intentional or unintentional. This is why I love them so much!

Being so naïve in the world of relationships is really exhausting and frustrating. Sometimes, I truly find men are very difficult to understand. Some men are very charming and wonderful when you first met them. They promised the world and gives you hope that this will finally end up somewhere. Then suddenly, poof! Reality hits and he runs!

The man I have been dating for awhile took me to the movie “He’s just not that into you” I wonder if there was any hidden message in the action itself. However, I just didn’t bother to analyze or tried to read any hidden message and decided to enjoy the movie. It was indeed a good movie that is able to throw a few pointers at us on dating or relationships. What I learn from the movie is that all women need an Alex in our lives!
*Alex is the guy who gives advice to the girl he met at his bar. Basically guy advices on whether a guy is into the girl or not by what he says and how he says it. Saving the girl from wasting her time waiting for him to call or hoping there will be a next date**

Among all the advices, I think I must first find an Alex, as this will ensure that I will interpret the hidden messages more accurately!

WARNING *Achoo! I am suffering from runny nose & high temperature as I am blogging. So, just make sure you are wearing a face mask and not catch my cold bug! Don’t say you weren’t warned!*

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