Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Mood-Uplifting Flower Communicator

Yesterday had another gals evening. A much needed gals evening. Starting with ‘delicious’ pasta dinner @ Midvalley and adjourned to Socials @ Bangsar. During dinner, something inspired better communication among us….

It all started when Ah Bi bought Ah Meow a lovely flower……

Ah Bi: **presents flower to Ah Meow**

Josy: *Sulks* How come I don’t have geh?

Ah Meow: *Hugging Flower* This flower will be the depression antidote. Whoever is feeling the blues will keep the flower, hug the flower during bedtime and talk to the flower….

Ah G: I have a better idea! Why don’t each of us have one, and then I’ll ask my bf to design a communication device that can be planted into the flower. If we feel like talking to each other, then just talk to the flower!

Everyone: Waaaaaa……..yeah man!! Good idea!! Ah G so imaginative! Ah G so creative! Haha!

Josy: But we should have a password, so we know who will be answering the flower call!

Role-play time by Ah Meow & Josy:

Ermm…How about this? Calling calling…Hotdog hotdog… this is Banana ice-cream, this is Banana ice-cream….Over over…..

Banana ice-cream Banana ice-cream…this is Peking duck, this is Peking duck….over over….

Ma Po Taufoo Ma Po Taufoo...Where is Ma Po Taufoo!... Over over!

This is Hotdog This is Hotdog....Ma Po Taufoo is busy with sexy oil!... Over over!

Ah Gab: **Blur blur**

**Loud laughter filled the restaurant’s ambience atmosphere plus a few annoyed glance by irritated diners**

Dinner was great. Mood lifted. More stories shared among us and everyone’s cheeks were flushing pink from laughter!

Mood Uplifting Flower Communicator


  1. good to know, that it was a great gff outing!!

  2. Nice overhaul of the website. Looks quite good actually. Cheers.

  3. So glad to see you cheerful again my dear ;)