Sunday, April 12, 2009

Our New Home

At last, the house my mom and dad has always dreamt of living is almost done to perfection. The only regret is my dad is not around to share the moments.

This house has always been my parents dream and the renovation actually started at least four years ago. Due to a lot of troubles caused by dishonesty and greediness from contractors and neighbors, the renovation was never a smooth process.

Looking at the almost perfect home, I had a mixture of feelings. I felt myself let out a sigh of relief that the renovation nightmare is finally over. I also felt happy that we will move to a new place to start another new chapter in our lives, hopefully a chapter that will be filled with lots of laughter and joy. I also felt extremely sad that dad is not around anymore to share all these moments with us. I know he will be so excited if he is still around and I am sure he would have already started packing all his stuffs to be move over to the new place. Well, maybe he has already moved there and fulfilling his duty as our guardian angel.

The front and side view

My room! With a walk-in wardrobe!

I am pretty excited to move into our new home. All I can think about these days is how to make the house more homely for my family. My mom has put in the most effort in ensuring perfection, not to mention a lot of money as well. Just as long as she is happy, I will truly support her but will not hesitate to remind her to spend moderately on the interior and not over-indulge on luxury items. Haha! She is kinda frustrated at me for that because I just stopped her from buying an over-priced chandelier!

Well, can't blame her as I am thinking of buying an over-priced soft cuddly fluffy red pillow for myself too! Ughh.. it's so hard to resist as I have fallen in love with it the moment I hugged it. It's the perfect pillow for an evening of relaxing with a book at the reading corner of my room.....

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  1. Very nice house u got there. Lucky u...