Sunday, December 6, 2009

6 Months of Amazing Love

5th of December 2009 marked the 6th month of our sweet relationship.

We celebrated at WIP @ Bangsar Shopping Complex and had another wonderful evening together. Seriously, I can't possibly ask for a better man than Bubbles as he always has me in his mind and always give me the best in everything.

Being with him for the past 6 months has been the most remarkable part of my life and together we have experienced wonders. Although there are ups and downs in a relationship, which is absolutely normal and fair... We have learn the best ways to communicate to each other that has lessen our fights... I have to add-on that we don't even fight after the initial 3 months. I'm pretty sure Bubbles will agree to that...
At first, we wanted to try out Monte's at BSC but the place was packed with people and the service was very slow. Both of us were standing in the middle of the restaurant hoping for some waiter to serve us, but we overheard some patrons groaning that they have been waiting for an hour for their food! So we adjourned to WiP, which in my opinion was very much better compared to Monte's. I can't compare the food as I have not tried Monte's but the ambience, the crowd, the atmosphere and the service was ver much better than Monte's. Plus WiP is much more romantic to wine and dine.
The food was good; we had mushroom for starters + lamb and chicken for main. Not forgetting the delicious bottle of Red Sangria throughout dinner.

A toast to more 6 months to come! Below proved how happy we were after the last glass of Red Sangria......

More photos of us......

Bubbles looking smart and very happy indeed...

And myself.... No doubt I am extremely happy and not sure if Bubbles realize it that I was wearing the exact same outfit as the night that started it all.... I purposely wear the same outfit because I want this night to be very special indeed. Maybe now he might see some similarity?

Our love is the long lasting kind;
We’ve been together quite awhile.
I love you for so many things,
Your care, your hugs, your kiss, your smile.
You accept me as I am;
I can relax and just be me.
Even when my quirks come out,
You think they’re cute; you let me be.
With you, there’s nothing to resist;
You’re irresistible to me.
I’m drawn to you in total trust;
I give myself to you willingly.
Your sweet devotion never fails;
You view me with a patient heart.
You love me, darling, no matter what.
You’ve been that way right from the start.
Those are just a few reasons why
I’ll always love you like I do.
We’ll have a lifetime full of love,
And it will happen because of you.
**Another special dedication to Bubbles for our 6 months of amazing love
poem by Joselyn Lee

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