Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you already have a Prada?

Do people really need Gucci, LV, Prada products to make them happy? Do people really need to buy 100 dollars shoes just to make them smile? Do guys really need to buy 99 flowers for their partner just to make them right?
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Going through some of my dad’s belongings today made me realize just how true the above statement is. I was trying to re-arrange his belongings into a cabinet; trophies, photo albums, files, and also his ‘treasures’ when he was still around.

If we need all the above material stuffs just to make us happy, then why are those belongings not taken along when we leave the world? So what causes the happiness of attaining so many prizes, branded goods, huge mansion and shinning wheels? Is it because we perceives attaining all the above as being successful? Where does the idea come from? Is it because we see that handful of successful people in the world who own all the above and more; thus categorized them as successful?

It’s a wake up call for me when my dad passed away. All the possessions that he worked so hard for in his life were left collecting dust after he went away. All his prized possessions are still lying around and if they have a life of their own, might even felt lonely as their once lovable master has already left home forever. Nothing was taken with him; except his soul and hopefully his memories of his life on earth.

So, it does not make any difference on who you are, what you do, how much you possessed. When the end of our journey on earth comes, we all end up the same way. We will leave as how we came, empty handed and alone…

This is again a reminder to me not to be blinded by materials possessions which are all short term happiness and satisfaction. Life has deeper meaning when you realized just how short our journey on earth is. Don’t waste time chasing fake goals.

Live to love who you are, who you love, and how you will care. Ensuring the most important 'treasure' you leave behind will be your love, happiness and compassion.

Does that mean you want to live there?

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