Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our first dance lesson

Yesterday, bubbles and I attended our first Salsa lesson. It was Bubbles' first experience in dance lesson and I have to say... he was not so bad!

The class started off with identifying the beat of Salsa music and then learning beginner's mambo as well as 2 other salsa shines... Cucharacha and Right turn. Also there were abit of partner work as well where all were to experience their first Salsa dance with a partner. Those who came without a partner is no problem as the guys will rotate around until everyone has the chance to experience and practice their moves.

**Shines = dance moves/steps

As for me, it brought back memories of my first Salsa lesson with Meow. It was with the same instructor, Aisha and observing how the beginners tried or struggled to master the new steps or juggling between counting the beats plus remembering the steps as well as managing both their feet is certainly not easy task for them. I was one of them many many months back and have been enjoying the dance ever since. But I am proud of Bubbles as he did really well and to me, he seems to be the best among the guys in the class. Not bad for a beginner at all! I'm not saying that just because he is Bubbles... well... maybe a little... but who cares! *wink wink*

Anyway, some guys at the beginner stage of these kinda dance are just... scary. There were some guys trying to crab dance instead of Salsa and I'm not so sure what he was trying to do as his feet and hands were not aligned. Some were too absorbed in remembering the counting and how to do the 'Right Turn' that they were wrestling their partner instead of leading. Those were the days where I get turned off by guys who can't seem to handle their dance partner well. A note of advice to guys who wished to do well in Salsa or any partner dance; First of all, bear in mind that your partner is alive. She is not a doll that you may swing and throw as you want. Handle the women with care and you will be labelled well even if you have 2 left feet. Do trust me on this.

Real soon... the above picture will transform into Bubbles and Bubbly...

Our handwritten nametags for the first day of Salsa Class

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