Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why do couples live together before marriage?

Often it is the stimulated by the loving feeling of being together. The thought of sharing everything in life and doing everything together, including being able to wake up every morning in each other arms and cuddles closely every night. In the beginning, it is like a gift from heaven.

However, as time goes by, without proper communication… resentment will built up and slowly it might destroy any loving feelings that were once shared. The most common reason would be lost of ‘me’ time.

No doubt doing everything together is absolute heaven and sounds like any fairy tales that 5 year olds might believe in; in real life, it is absolutely important to have ‘me’ time. For guys it might be time for them to catch up with the guys, some game time, beer sessions with some soccer on the screen, or even surfing the internet as entertainment. For the girls would be gossip sessions, top to toe beauty treatments, hanging out with the family or just having some quiet time with a book would be great. These are just some examples of ‘me’ time. I am sure there are more to add on to the above list!

Let’s just say the couple drag each other to do the ‘me’ time thingy together; the guy invites the girl to his beer session with soccer on the screen. In the beginning, it would be curiosity that motivates the ‘yes’ to the invitation. Unless the girl is a great fan of soccer and beer, otherwise the experience for her would be like staring at the white wall for half a day. Vice versa if the guy follows the girl to her ‘me’ time with no interest, the experience would be the same as well.

Soon, both would feel they have sacrificed too much to be in the relationship and resentment that were accumulated will burst and cause the relationship to wobble. The initial objective and reason of staying together will be forgotten and clouded by anger and bitterness.

If only the love is strong enough to overcome this hindrance however most of the time anger and bitterness will succeed in breaking up the trust and love.

Just a few more minutes to another Christmas, this year will be the first year in so many years that I am counting down by myself. A Merry Christmas to all my friends. Hope Santa will bring joy and fun to all plus a beautiful new year.


  1. Ya, am counting down by myself too for this year. Hehe thinking about your last xmas party when I first get to know you babe! Happy New year.

  2. and it was a pleasure ever since! It was a great party and somehow I missed the fun this year... hope we can do it soon! hehe.. Happy New Yr to u too babe!! muakss..