Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did you lose your mind?

Sometimes I do wonder; the cost of living in a city is so high that people are overworking to sustain a comfortable life and providing enough for family. Overworking is not the matter, but overworking to an extend that hurts ones health is not worth the sacrifice at all.

Most parents are hoping to provide enough food, best comfort and good education to their children; especially when the cost of good education in the country is so high. My mother has always been working hard to give the best to her family. No matter how busy she is with work, she never fails to prepare food on the table for the family. However, accumulation of overworking and stress in her busy life has also caused her to have symptoms of anxiety and distress.

This is what happened today.

She feels uncomfortable again. Short of breath. Abnormal blood pressure. Difficulty in falling asleep. Gas in stomach.

Nothing of the above is new to her, or to the me but she insisted to visit Professor Jeya; her favorite doctor in SJMC who also used to be my daddy’s cardiologist.

Doctor: Hi, how are you feeling today?

Mom: Difficult to breathe and a lot of gas in my stomach. Also I checked my own blood pressure today and it’s unusually high.

Doctor: Okay, let me check…..

**After thorough checking…..

Doctor: You seem find. All these symptoms don’t sound like you’re having a cardiac arrest so don’t worry.

Mom: But doctor, I sometimes feel numbness here….
**showing where she feels numbness….

Doctor: Nahh… I’ve checked you few weeks back and you’re perfectly alright. Nothing serious…

Mom: But I feel short of breathe, and why my blood pressure is so high…

Doctor: It’s normal for the blood pressure to be slightly higher than normal when you’re under stress or you don’t sleep well and normally blood pressure will go up and down. It’s normal. I’ve checked you and you’re fine. You think too much, I think you have an over active mind. Try to stay calm and relax.

**still trying to insist that she is not right…..

Doctor: Okay, I’ll prescribe you something to take only when you feel anxiety or stress. Don’t take it always. This medication will calm you down and you will feel better. Alright?

Mom: Oh, I don’t need anything else? This will be alright.

Doctor: Yes, listen to me. You are perfectly alright. Just a little too uptight and think too much. Okay, relax yourself and take your daily dose of medication. You’ll be fine.

Mom: Okay.

Well, this will be the third time I went with her to see this doctor and this will be the third time that the doctor says the same thing to her. It makes me worry about her and makes me feel useless as I don’t know how to make her feel better. After doing some research on her symptoms, there are several types of anxiety disorder;

Types of Disorders

Panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder (social phobia), specific phobia or simple phobia, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are the different types of anxiety disorders. Periods of fear that are very intense or a psychological distress that comes suddenly and lasts as little as half an hour are the experiences of someone with panic disorder and some common symptoms include trembling, shortness of breath, palpitations of the heart, sweating, nausea, dizziness and hyperventilation as well as tingling sensations and also a feeling of being choked.

Relating back to my previous blog entry on Realizing The Meaning of Life, it makes me realize that the mind is truly a powerful tool. All of the above disorders are created by a mind that has been misused over the years and causes it to lose control. The only way to remove the disorder would be to MEDITATE and find your true self. Only when you find your true self that you will sense inner peace, and by sensing inner peace will then the mind is controllable and not run wild. Don't let your mind conquer you, take action and take over your own mind. Realizing this theory is the only answer to end the above suffering.

I’ve seen a lot of adults going through the same cycle because of the stress they put upon themselves to achieve more.

Just ask yourself, is it worth it?
What’s the use of having lots of money but suffer from losing yourself along the way?
What’s the use of living in a huge mansion when there’s no one there to share with?
What’s the use of being the best when the only person you’re challenging and destroying is you?

We don't need to be the best for we are already a champion the moment we were born. We only live once. Do it right. Live a happy life. Search for inner peace.

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