Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Certainly Made a Difference

I am only one,
But I can be the one,
Who can make a difference?
To change someone’s perception,
Guidance to build a better life;
With just a small gesture,
A little compassion,
A gift of love and laughter,
Most of all;
A promise delivered,
I certainly made a difference.

Most of the time, while fulfilling our daily chores and responsibilities, we may ended up lost or misdirected from our core purposes in life. If you have already found your purpose in life, I congratulate you but if you have not, I suggest you to think thoroughly and find out what is your purpose in life. It is your mission in life; through your passion that will bring you inner happiness and your soul utmost satisfaction.

The past few days have been packed with activities and travelling that swayed me a little away from my mission. I was slightly lost today. Not physically but mentally.

Always, whenever I am lost or in need of directions in life, I would sit in a quiet corner in my house and release my thoughts through meditation. Always, I would find my way back on track. This time I even thought of the above poem during meditation.

The above poem is to reflect on my satisfaction of keeping my promise to a six year old boy named Gabriel. He may not remember the difference between number seven and nine, but he certainly remembered I promised to return the following week to see him. He was so pleased and cheerful when he told me “Oh! You didn’t bluff me! You came back.”

Honestly, I felt so contented that I have made a slight difference in that little boy’s life. He certainly made my day and inspired me to continue pursuing my passion.

It takes just a simple yet genuine gesture to make someone happy. I could have easily forgotten the promise I made and the boy would just move on in life thinking the world is cruel and filled with liars.

Think for a moment;

How many times have you made a promise to someone and conveniently forgotten to deliver?
A promise made to your mom that you would bring her for a nice outing? Or a promise made to your family that you would spend more time with them?
A promise made to your children that you would spend Sunday afternoon with a game or two of Monopoly? Or a promise made to your little children that you would read a bedtime story?
A promise made to your spouse that you would love her/him for a lifetime? Or a promise made to your lover to protect and care for her/him?

Notice that I did not include material promise? Material promises will not bring permanent happiness but short term satisfaction. Only genuine promises from the heart will create the warmth and wonderful feeling of love when it is delivered as promised. I promise you that this will definitely make a difference in your life as well.

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