Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please return my sweets

My feelings right now is as if I was given the luxury to taste sweets but was snatched away before I could savor the sweetness of it. The worst of all is to know that I am unable to taste that same kind of sweetness again.

I know I feel like crying. I feel like my heart twisted in a way that makes it hurts so much inside. If I am still a kid, I would have made a big scene where I will shout and cry til I was given back the sweets. But I am no kid and I won’t make any ugly scenes.

It just proves to me once again that nothing is permanent in our life and that we have to learn how to cope with changes. Changes will always be the most common phenomena in the universe revolving around our lives. Accept it, learn to deal with it, embrace changes and we will grow stronger and wiser.

Or drown with sorrow and self-pity; no one will suffer but us.


**This blog is mainly to psycho me and trying to make myself feel a little better**

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