Sunday, March 29, 2009

Love and Marriage

What is the meaning of Love?

What is the meaning of Marriage?

Why do we go into relationships and end up getting hurt?

Why do people get married yet ended up separating with hatred?

I have been questioning the belief of sacred marriage, ever since seeing and hearing horrid stories of failed marriage. Almost everyone that I know would have gone through the path of heartbreak and separation either in a relationship or marriage. Seldom would I meet someone who is happily in love or married, living everyday smelling roses and gazing rainbows.

It is truly a blessing for two people to be attracted to each other and start a romantic courtship to get to know each other. Once the relationship started, it is like two lost angels who got separated in heaven reconnected on earth. There will be sparks of fireworks and the feeling of warmth and bliss radiate from the heart. The fairy tale continues as they made a vow to love and care for each other through the good and bad times, promises sealed with a sacred band on each of their finger.

Some made it, no doubt it’s rare. Some gave up in the middle of the journey. Some continue staying on for the sake of their family. The fairy tale ended and reality hit right on the head. What happened to the promises? What happened to the love?

I have asked around and gotten some candid reactions.
Some are worth pondering;

Question: What is the meaning of love to you?
Answer: Love is forever, with different partners.

Question: What is the meaning of marriage to you?
Answer: Partnership

As for me:
LOVE is a beautiful feeling.
MARRIAGE is a wonderful blessing from god.
It is definitely not easy finding that someone whom we may share a blissful marriage with. I said it is not easy but it's not difficult either. Somehow it is how we interpret a marriage and love that will bring us to eternal happiness in a marriage.
My hopes are high in finding that person to share my life with. He must be somewhere out there waiting to be discovered. I believe fairy tales do come true if we believe in it.

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  1. marriage is something u cannot explain in words. Its something that will enlighten your path to greater things my dear