Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Infant vs Adult

Do you know what is the most obvious different between an infant and an adult?

Well, if a baby doesn’t like you, that baby won’t hesitate a moment to cry and refuse to be held by you. On the other hand, adults would plaster a smile and pretend they don’t have a problem with you.

If you asked a kid and an adult the same question, the answer would be as different as day and night.

Question: What do you think of rainbows?

Kid: I like the blue colour! And the yellow! I can draw rainbows! My teacher gave me a star for my drawing! *with pride*

Adult: I think I like them but I think it would be nicer if there’s pink in it.


Adult: Rainbow? Har? You think I have the time for rainbows?

What has happened between the gaps of growing from an infant to a kid to an adult? What made them become so critical and judgmental in life?

Of course living in a world that is growing rapidly, we must equip ourselves with enough knowledge and wisdom to compete with the rest of the world. But on the other hand, had we lost our inborn enthusiasm and compassion during the journey of growing up?

Sigh. So sad right?

I was chatting with a new colleague today and I asked her how she has been coping for the first two weeks in the company. What I didn’t expect was I accidently opened the door to critics and ultimate negativity about the whole experience and findings during that short two weeks. I was a little disappointed that all she saw was the bad side of the business. I am sure nothing is perfect in this world, but at least we must be able to look at the bright side first and then try to work out the imperfections. This coming from someone new, some are even worst!

As for me, sadly to say that I have already came to a point where I can’t utter any positivity about work. The negative vibes at work has worked itself into my blood stream and reached a place in my skull called the brain. Everyday I just feel…..

Exhausted. Discouraged. Disheartened. Depressed.

How can I return to those days when everything was once so wonderful and joyful?

Hoping to one day capture this beautiful scene back into my mind... to destroy the toxic that has reached the mind and successfully damaged part of the scene...

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