Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Woman's Needs

I came across some interesting facts on relationships, but what caught my attention most are the fact that there are different needs for men and women in a relationship that are unknown to us consciously. For most modern women have become so responsible for themselves that it is no longer obvious why they need a man. In the old days, it was clear that a woman needed a man’s protection and physical support and they have no problem declaring that they needed a man. In today’s world, modern women are so used to taking care of themselves that they are careful not to be needy to a man.

Saying this however, women needs to first determine what she needs a man for. Instead of needing a man primarily for survival and security, a woman needs a man for emotional comfort and nurturing. She needs his romantic attention and affection.

When a man opens the car door for a woman, he is not doing it because she can’t but to show that he cares. To show that the woman is special and he is showing it to her how special she is to him. When she gets this message again and again, she begins to glow with happiness and fulfillment. It feels good, it feels nurturing. No other reasons. It is exactly what she needs and he is happy to do it.

Here is a short list of WHAT A WOMAN NEEDS:

1. She needs attention of someone who cares about her

2. She needs the help of someone who wants to take care of her needs

3. She needs time when she is not considering what everyone else wants but when someone is considering her wishes.

4. She needs someone who understands what she likes and makes a plan so that she doesn’t even have to think.

5. She needs someone who anticipate he needs, wants, and wishes and to offer to help without her having to ask.

6. She needs someone to notice her, love her and adore her.

7. She needs someone to miss her and desire her.

8. She needs to love freely and trust that she will be loved in return.

9. She needs someone she can confide in who is trustworthy and will not turn on her or break her confidence by revealing her secrets.

10.She needs someone who cares about her well-being to understand what she is going through and recognize the validity of her feelings.

11. She needs someone who regards her as special.

12. She needs someone to help her in her life so she doesn’t feel she is doing it all by herself.

13. She needs someone to feel passionate intimacy with

The major cause of depression in women is feeling isolated.

All the above does not have to be fulfilled at once but gradually as the relationship progress. Only when the above is fulfilled by the man whom she feels a natural chemistry with would the feeling of satisfaction arise.

I also came across a list of WHAT A MAN NEEDS, but I would want to make this a little special for women out there and most probably keep the list for my next blog. So, this column is dedicated to us women who has a mind of our own but still needs TLC from our beloved men from time to time. Hope it will trigger a little romantic gestures from the men!

Romantic rituals are there to make a woman feel special.

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