Monday, March 16, 2009

The list continues.......

This is part of the list that I have posted in my Facebook account, as a reminder to myself for all the things and people that I am grateful for in my life. I have also added a few more interesting stuff to the list as I felt 25 is just too..... little......

Here goes...... The 25 random information about me continues~

1. I love my mom; she's my reason for who I am today

2. I feel truly blessed to have a group of lovely ladies to be there for me thru sadness, break-ups, happiness & celebrations. Our friendship will certainly walk further and hopefully til the end of our time on earth.

3. I am a person who believes in the power of meditation because I have experienced the miracles and changes in myself.

4. I used to be a timid girl who hides behind mummy (see-no-touch kind); now I am comfortable giving public speeches and doing presentations & workshops.

5. I have never regretted any of my decisions in life to be who I am today. I've learned from my mistakes and am always striving to improve myself in many ways.

6. The only thing I have regretted in my life is not being the daughter that I should have been to my daddy and nothing in this world is able to amend that.

7. The proudest moments was when I represented my country in an International beauty pageant and made my parents glow with pride and happiness.

8. I thank god for giving me a mom who loves me and was always there to support me and dad who used to provide me with guidance and advices to be a better person, a successful trainer and a great presenter.

9. I love to read and have a secret fantasy of owning a library full of BOOKS! This library will also have a cozy corner where there will be a soft red couch with lots of fluffy & colorful pillows for me to relax with my BOOKS^_^

10. My passion is dancing. I have been taking dance classes for the longest time. I used to take rhythmic gymnastics when I was in school then hip-hop classes with a Japanese dance instructor. Now I’m taking Ballroom Latin & Salsa lessons… currently Pole Dancing has been added to the list!

11. When I dance, I am able to express and let-out my inner soul. Every cell in my body will be in tune with the music and the world is forgotten.

12. I felt a little silly doing this 25 random thingy, but then again, I’ve learnt the hard way that life is too short to be worried about appearing silly. Just go with the flow and do whatever seems right and whatever that will bring happiness to me and to the people in my life.

13. I have a secret fantasy to own a café someday ^_^ on a beautiful island facing the sea..

14. My other passion in my life is "Training". I feel utmost satisfaction when I know I have shared a skill or knowledge that will help someone alter or change their life for the better.

15. I feel the world needs more compassion

16. I want to be more involved in charities and have a dream that someday I would be able to teach orphans the art of dancing, then organizing a mini concert for them to show their talent to the public.

17. I love the sound of laughter and wish that people around me will laugh more!There is nothing more important than HAPPINESS in life.

18. I am getting truly tired of complication and greediness of the world. I feel simplicity would make life happier….

19. I am searching for the true reason for my existent in this world.

20. I am hoping to be married someday to someone who shares my passions and build a lovely family with him.

21. Honestly, I have only been in 1 relationship so far in my life.

22. I disrespect the lack of integrity and 2-timing in a relationship. There is nothing more important than respect and honesty in a relationship.

23. I enjoy pampering myself and strive to look good everyday. Feminine, simple yet elegant is my dressing style.

24. I love watching Sex & the City and secretly wished to have abs like Sarah Jessica Parker!

25. At last I have reached #25, and I wish to have more than 25 because I have walked a long journey in life to be where I am now and 25 is not enough! Seriously, I am only halfway thru!

26. So I will be adding a few more as this is my personal space and that's my advantage :) Which leads to #26 - I love doing things my own way if possible as I hate limitations and rules sometimes. Which is why I could rebel if freedom is taken away from me. The nasty side of me ^_^

27. Currently, I am learning how to be more lady and feminine as I grew up idolizing my superwoman mother, who works and takes care of the family like a man!

28. I hope to learn how to like my job again......compromising as and when needed!

29. I still wanna have my own business someday and believe that I will... especially one that allows me to work with kids!

30. I have stopped going to clubs so often and learnt to take good care of myself, preserving what is left of my youth and hoping it will prolong til I'm a grandma!

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