Friday, October 23, 2009

Can you hear bells?

Can you hear bells ringing?

I hear bells ringing everywhere! It is the time of the year again where you get bombarded with wedding invitations!

I don’t mean it in a bad way. However, seeing all my school buddies getting hitch; especially those who were once my classmates looking like an angel in their wedding dress makes me feel kinda astounded. It is not in a dreadful way though as I am very happy seeing my school buddies getting married to great guys and starting a wonderful new chapter in their lives.

It is just so amazing seeing my school buddies transforming from once a young innocent-looking… or maybe not… school girl to the now a vibrantly beautiful and glowing bride. Seeing them now makes me realized as well that time has certainly changed everything. People changed. Life has changed. Circumstances have changed. Status has changed. Even friendships have changed.

Without any doubt, I have changed so much. Even comparing a year ago and now, there are significant changes that makes me a different person. I would think that changes are good in a way that brings new challenges and adventures into our lives. Changes could be a motivation to one to close up on opportunity areas in one’s life. Maybe a change of a behavior will bring new opportunities. A change in perspective might make unfortunate situation becomes a new challenge. Some changes of our actions might bring new friendships into our lives.

Who knows what’s going to occur next, right? Just as long as we don’t see change as a threat or something that is unpleasant... some might even see it as an unfortunate situation.

Well, I do hope to be able to see more of my school buddies in their wedding dress and angelic smile. If at any chance that circumstances doesn’t allow me to be there on that momentous day… I just wanna say it here that I am absolutely happy for you and hope you will continue unfolding countless joyful and blessings in your new chapter in life!

Chew Mei looking exceptionally beautiful in her wedding dress... The girl who once sat next to me in the classroom...

Leah's memorable day! Unfortunately I wasn't able to attend due to my dad's passing away a month before her wedding... I was supposed to be one of her pink angels...

Rachel looking incredibly sweet and angelic next to her beau...

Both Rachel and Leah are now mummies. I hope there will be more to come ^_^

A glimpse of Leah's Princess....

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