Friday, October 30, 2009

Hair Story

I was reading an article online regarding hairstyles which inspired me this entry. I have to agree with the article that hairstyles certainly reflects a certain character in a person's personality. I have changed my hairstyles numerous time and discovered that my current hairstyle is what suit my personality the best. I have had very long hair to very short hair, curly hair to very straight hair. A few months back I have shorten my bangs hoping to make me look slightly younger. However, right now I am now waiting to grow my bangs and hair longer so I can have sexy wavy curls by next year.

So what is your ideal hair?

Short hair

If a woman has a well-maintained and carefully-cut short hairstyle, it can reveal that she is artistic and wants to express herself through her hair. Any high-maintenance hairstyle can be a sign of wealth or that a woman cares about her looks, but short hair requires frequent trips to the stylist, a sign that the woman is okay with spending money to look good.

According to Dimitrius, “Spending a significant percentage of one’s income on hair—or any other aspect of personal appearance—suggests vanity, a need for acceptance, concern about others’ perceptions, and possibly insecurity.”

Of course, there are some women who are forced to have short hair because of certain reasons like hair loss or unhealthy hair because of specific health reasons.

Long hair

Long hair can have multiple meanings. Many women believe that long hair makes them more sexually appealing, but it can also show a bohemian spirit or a need for freedom. Feminism may be potrayed with long hair. Survey also shown that majority of men consider women with long hair more appealing than short hair.

Long hair can be divided into 2 categories which is straight and wavy. Some cultures perceives straight hair more vibrant and young. Some perceives wavy hair as sexy and flirtatious.

However, women over forty with long hair can be trying to hold onto their youth (and sex appeal) and may be unrealistic in their perceptions of themselves.

Unique and multi coloured hair
Mohawks, Unique Styles

Obviously this shows that the wearer bucks tradition and doesn’t care what people think of her. The wearers are usually young and adventurous, but wearing these styles into adulthood reveals a woman who has little regard for what conventional society (employers, authority figures) thinks of her. Also people who are in the creative industry tends to be more adventurous with their hairstyles (stylist, artist, etc)

So which hairstyle do you adopt to reveal your personality?
I believe a person's hairstyle may tell many stories of a person's life ventures. From the moment you were born to the moment you pay for your own hair cut and to the time where your styles changes to suit your lifestyle or taste. Each style provides a unique story of a person. So, ensure that your story is well perceived by your audience.

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