Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Live your true life

“When you say you fear death, you are really saying that you fear you have not lived your true life. This fear cloaks the world in silent suffering.”
By David Viscott

How do you know what your true life is?
How do you know how to live it?

The answers to these questions are yours for the taking, but you must seize the answers and not wait to be given them. No one will give you the answers.

In order to find out what your true life could be, you should look for clues in what and when makes you the happiest.

What makes you happy?

The same question to ask yourself over and over again until the final and true answer comes to you.

For me I have found that teaching makes me happy, writing makes me happy, dancing makes me happy, and performing makes me happy. Besides that, being with family or people that I love makes me happy as well.

It took me years of unhappiness to finally reach a point of despair to find my answers. I remembered the first time I was on the stage delivering a 15 minutes speech to a hall of 200 audiences, I was ecstatic before and after the speech. Everyday I would spend quality time rehearsing how I could deliver the speech most effectively. I would visualize myself standing on the stage, the feelings of successfully delivering the speech, the enthusiasm of the audience after hearing my speech, the radiant of confidence that I would portray to the audience, and the whole atmosphere of the event. The motivation was just so unbelievable.

My first experience on stage was so unbelievably great that I was looking forward to my second and third time. My point here is when you are doing something that makes you feel so satisfied and ecstatic, you become a different person. I feel so happy doing it that the feeling is just indescribable.

You need not be perfect in doing the things that makes you happy because perfection comes from practices. However, the joy and motivation from the activity is more important. You must enjoy the process and be willing to stay for more!

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  1. but no one is perfect, so why practise leh monkey ~?