Monday, October 19, 2009

My Wonderful Man

"My Wonderful Man"
It seems I dreamed you into life
For once I visualized this guy
Who cares for me and makes me smile
Who kisses my forehead when I cry
Who holds my hand
Who gives me warm hugs every night
Even when the journey seems rough
You always seems to amaze me
You never fail to assure me
You never fail to be there for me
My heart melts when you whisper
That your love for me is for real
That I will be your angel forever
Being with you has been a blessing
Every hour every day
Your love fills my heart
A wonderful man in my life
That nothing can compare
The bluest sky
The deepest sea
You are so special to me
Poem by Joselyn Lee
***A special dedication to a wonderful man in my life......

your angel..... your inspiration....

1 comment:

  1. wonderful indeed...
    it is because he felt like-wise & is obliged to return the favour not because it's a favour, but out of his love for you...
    because you are his special one, his inspiration... & the ever-present angel by his side...