Tuesday, January 26, 2010

a shared celebration

Birthday celebration is a yearly occassion.
However, being able to share a birthday celebration with a friend who is caring, supportive, loving and always a great listener is certainly a precious gift.
I would like to dedicate this space to a wonderful friend who made it happen...
Here are some happy moments caught on camera....

Happy Birthday to Bunny & Blossom!

Thanks to mom, bro & bubbles for providing your love & laughter throughout the happy celebration... Even Muffin was laughing and mom joined in our Bunny Team!

Thanks to my darling for making my birthday extra special... not to mention the effort of making those cute tasty lil'burgers... the best burgers in my life! hehehe...

And bro who got Bunny & Blossom a delicious yummy yum yum cheese cake!

of course not forgetting my dearest Bunny... Bunny asked if I like the lil' pressies that she got me... my answer is yes! I love 'em... however, I think the best pressie that Bunny has given me is to be able to share the celebration with her...

Well... aside from the lovely people, food and cakes... the highlight of the celebration was actually during the "Game Time"!!

Hmm... so many games to choose from...
which game will be most enjoyable for the occassion...??

Should we "TABOO"??

It was "Shots & Ladders" that was chosen!
The game that lasted for a few hours and got us all high in spirit!

It was a FUN-tastic game indeed...
*wink wink*


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  1. Thank you for making my day so special darling! :) It was really an unforgettable one. Love you loads.....not forgetting Aunt Jenny, John, Eric & Muffin. Friends for life!