Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rays of hope!

the rays of hope...

As I was traveling to visit an orphanage home this afternoon, I've experienced the most amazing phenomena. The sky was looking very gray and rain was predicted to pour in the next few minutes.

Although I was not in the best of mood today, however I did tried to overcome the negative feelings in me by letting go the misery and anger.
Exactly like what I always say, it is easier said than done yet the mission is not impossible if we put in a little more effort than usual.

Then... suddenly... as I gazed out the window towards the dark gray sky... I caught a weak glimpse of sun rays through the thick gray clouds and for the next quick seconds... a stream of beautiful bright golden rays of sun light shone proudly through the gray sky! That beautiful scene brought the first genuinely happy smile of the day to my face. It was so inspirational!

It also made me realized once again of how beautiful nature should be when we take the time to admire it.

Nonetheless, it has encouraged a new insight in me. Life will always be clouded by undesirable situations and challenges. It is to test our ability to be able to look beyond these situations to the hopes and joys that will always be hidden behind all the gloominess in life. Which also means that life shouldn't be taken too seriously, or the fun and laughter will be lost behind all desperation and greediness.

Hm-mm... maybe I don't need to live in a cave after all!

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