Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happily ever after?

I saw this article about the "Top 10 list to a happier love life" somewhere on the internet and it seems to be simple enough to understand. However, the challenge is always the action...

The Top 10 list to a happier love life...
1. Never take your spouse for granted. Avoid thinking only me, myself and I.
2. Live and think together as a couple.
3. Negotiate and compromise. Fights and quarrels never help any relationship.
4. Set goals for your relationship and work hard towards achieving them.
5. Always treat each other with love and respect in everything that you do.
6. Confide and communicate with each other to avoid misunderstandings.
7. Create a trusting and secure environment for a strong relationship.
8. Make the effort; it's the little acts that make the difference.
9. Share and encourage each other's interests and passions.
10. Offer unconditional love without any obligations or strings attached

It is always easy to want someone to be loving and accept you for who you are, but as I always say... the human mind is genius if made to good use but will also be a scary monster when it overworked itself in certain situation. The above Top 10 list is totally useless if life is so complicated. I would rather live in a cave and face the lizards.... if you know what I mean...

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