Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nasty dirt or diamonds?

The law of attraction teaches the principle of think, speak & act what you want and you will attract the same kind.

Well, then I wonder why there are some annoying people in my life that always act as if I have somehow raped them in their dreams? Hmm... I do have a feeling that some people are still spreading ill-words about me. But then again, feelings are not taken into consideration in the courtroom. My theory of evil-minded people are those who act, think & speak of other people the way their mind act and think. If your mind is evil, naturally all thoughts will be evil as well.

I am certainly not angry nor am I guilty of raping them in their dreams or hate them for spreading ill-words about me. Neither am I afraid of their evil minded thoughts and their nasty talks. The truth is I am sorry for these people as I feel they are suffering deep in their heart but unable to express their inner pain. Hence, they use improper ways to release their grief.

Nevertheless, I am also extremely sad that I have to deal with these people on a daily basis and this made it even more difficult for me to be myself. Being myself means I trust totally, love endlessly, laugh & talk excitedly, listening sympathetically, hugs warmly, and etc... I'm not trying to portray a saint here but what I mean is that I am a simple person and I like to be who I am. I just don't like to fake it.

Sometimes it is difficult to see who is a genuine person and I find myself avoiding people because I can't seem to differentiate a piece of dirty rock and precious diamonds in my circle of acquaintance.

The only thing I can do is to continue being myself and be the sunshine to those I care. Hopefully this sunshine still have enough energy left after dealing with those evil-minded people and their nastiness the whole day! I just hope that one day...hopefully in the near future... I can free myself from having to deal with unwanted intrusion of dirty rocks and do what I intend to do... which is to pursue my purpose in life...and continue on my journey to be happy, to spread happiness, to love and be loved!

Are these genuine diamonds or are they actually dirts in disguised?

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