Sunday, January 10, 2010

Unavoidable emotional yo-yo?

All of us seek something better in life
That something that will give us satisfaction;
which leads to happiness in life
Then why is it then we see sadness and strife?
Obsessions, jealousy, ignorance in all walks of life
Do you ignore them and walk right on by?
or does your heart weep as you look them in the eye

What Karma has brought them;
you really don't know
a life torn asunder or addiction did grow
Life, certainly ain't easy

My Buddha Heart weeps for all troubled souls

poem by Joselyn Lee

I was looking thru my previous blog entries and found this poem that was inspired during the period where I lost my dad. I admit that the above poem was written during one those truly heartbreaking times. Reading it today with different thoughts and feelings brought an entire new meaning to the poem, which is why I am including this poem in this entry.

New Year resolutions are unquestionably important as it will change or encourage a person to be better. This year my resolutions were made simple as all I want in life is to be happier and to spread the happiness to those I love. I suppose all my actions and thoughts will be influenced by this simple wish in mind.

However, it's certainly easier said than done. In this matter, it's easier written than done.

In the life of any human, emotional issues are like rollercoaster. The higher one experienced, the faster the ride down would be. My question to myself would be... Are we in control of the ride? Or is the ride being controlled by the people that we associate with daily, taking into consideration of how much this person mean in our lives?

I do believe that everything happens in life for a certain reason. Nothing is the result of miracles or magic for the world is the result of the chain-reactions of multiple actions and thoughts. Sadly, for this reason, all of us are affected emotionally by others and it takes a holy monk to be able to break away from this chain.

At this moment, I am wondering if simple life means living in a cave and away from the frightening human mind?

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