Saturday, January 2, 2010

psst... 2010 has arrived!

Yes! 2010 is here! Happy New Year!

Phew! Time truly waits for no one. Even if you're not ready for it, 2010 is here and you are to welcome it with a big bear hug! I am hugging 2010 with joy as I managed to have started of the New Year with a lot of laughter and fun. So, did you enjoyed the first few moments of the New Year like I did?

New Year’s Eve were as usual with heavy traffic everywhere as the whole nation waits for the clock to strike midnight for the gorgeous fireworks. Some places were seen to be very 'happening' and packed with people as well. I also know some friends celebrated overseas as a new experience and some had a small gathering of their own with closed friends and family. So, where did you celebrate the end of 2009 and the start of another brand new year?

For me, being in places where a lot were happening is certainly not my choice of how I would want to spend such an eventful day. Just like birthdays were to be celebrated with my mother for she is the one who gave me my birthday! As for the New Year, it might mean new beginning, new opportunities, new experiences, and etc. For such a momentous day, it will be most perfect to spend it with someone that matters in my life. Someone that I intend to start a new life with and someone that will share all the new experiences with me throughout the year.

Our first photo of the year! Taken at 12.07am on 01.01.10

So, both of us waited for the clock to strike midnight and sealed the special moment with a loving kiss. Wishing that the year 2010 will bring more joy and laughter into our lives. That's the deal!

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