Monday, January 11, 2010

It is time to clear the air...

I think it is time again!

Time again to clear that overflowing wardrobe and donate items that others need and will appreciate more. No point keeping items that I am unable to use or using less because it will rot through the years and block up space where usable items might be able to store.

In the Fengshui definition of piling up junks (unusable items) is called the stagnant "chi". It basically means stalling up the air and causing weak energy to the people staying in the environment. Just think about constipation and you will know what I mean! So it is advisable to always keep the chi flowing by moving things around and letting in fresh chi to the environment.

However, in charity stand point of view, it means giving items to the unfortunate. The items that is of no use to you may change another person's life.

I made a silent vow to myself a few days back that whenever I feel like indulging on buying another over-priced items, I will donate at least RM200 to charity. Which I did on Sunday and it truly felt incredibly wonderful. Plus the urge to buy that over-priced item is gone! Why would I need another pricey dress or shoe when some people are striving to stay alive with only daily basics?

Why do I need another pair of designer shoes?

I just hope this year will see that my journey to achieving my resolutions of spreading happiness will be a smooth one. After clearing my wardrobe, I will continue my search for poor homes/orphanages to organize another fund raiser.


  1. so? any results yet? ;p

  2. I really have a problem with clothes. WAY too many in the closet.
    Every time I go in there to make a 'clean sweep' I only come out with about 5 things. Maybe one a day might work.
    how did you go?

  3. I had a satisfying clean-up of my wardrobe!! truly satisfying!! close 1 eye and put away all clothes that I KNOW I won't wear again!! Which i think made up of almost 40% of my wardrobe!! Now I have space and freedom to move around....

  4. thats really nice of you!